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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole is the second book in Sue Townsend s brilliantly funny Adrian Mole series If I turn out to be mentally deranged in adult life, it will be all my mother s fault Adrian Mole continues to struggle valiantly against the slings and arrows of growing up and his own family s attempts to scar him for life in this second volume of his secret diary.Bestselling author Sue Townsend has been Britain s favourite comic writer for over three decades I not only wept, I howled and hooted and had to get up and walk around the room and wipe my eyes so that I could go on reading Tom Sharpe A satire of our times Very funny indeed Sunday Times We laugh both at Mole and with him A wonderful comic read, that, like all the best comedy, says something rather meaningful HeatSue Townsend is Britain s favourite comic author Her hugely successful novels include eight Adrian Mole books, The Public Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Aged 55 , Number Ten, Ghost Children, The Queen and I, Queen Camilla and The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year, all of which are highly acclaimed bestsellers She has also written numerous well received plays She lives in Leicester, where she was born and grew up....

Title : The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole
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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole Reviews

  • Pippilotta
    2020-04-01 05:40

    Dieses buch ist Pflichtlektüre für alle, die privat und berufsmäßig viel mit Teenagern zu tun haben. - einfach köstlicher Humor! Es ist in relativ einfachem Englisch geschrieben. Alles in Allem: Ein Genuss!

  • Miss Smith
    2020-03-07 07:34

    A very good book for teenage learners of English. I gave it to a student of mine. She loved it!!!

  • Villette
    2020-04-01 04:32

    Adrian ist jetzt 15 und hat nicht weniger Proleme als mit 13 3/4, als er sein Tagebuch begonnen hat. Seine Eltern sind zwar wieder zusammen, aber nicht für lange. Denn sowohl Adrians Mutter als auch Stick Insect, die Ex-Freundin des Vaters, werden schwanger und Adrians Vater steht zwischen den Stühlen. Mit Freundin Pandora ist es außerdem ein stetes Up und Down. Und als der Vater dann wieder arbeitslos wird, aber zwei Babys zusätzlich zu versorgen hat, stürzen auch noch die sozialen Probleme auf Adrian ein. Gut, dass er einen so ironischen Humor hat und sich dadurch etwas aus dem Schlamm befreien kann.Ich fand diesen zweiten Teil der Adrian Mole-Reihe wieder gut, aber nicht ganz so einzigartig wie Teil eins, weil man nun schon etwas an alles gewöhnt ist. Im England der Thatcher-Zeit läuft nunmal nicht alles rund und Adrians Familie trifft es, wie im ersten Teil, volle Kanne. Das ist der ernste Hintergrund, von dem aus Adrian mit viel Ironie und Sarkasmus die Welt betrachtet und kommentiert, als wäre er schon um die 40. Diese intelligente Mischung macht die Reihe aus und ich freue mich daher schon auf Teil 3.

  • J. Angus Macdonald
    2020-03-22 06:21

    This book is dead brill! A bit dated in parts, but such is life. Adrian, would-be intellectual, full-time hypochondriac, part-time carer to the aged (against his will), and all-around social observer, is a teenager you have probably met. he tries too hard to be himself and in the end is as barmy as a fruitbat. Townsend's style is joyous and rarely hits a sour note; young Master Mole and The Love Of His Life Pandora are marvelous; the Familia Mole (extended and temporary) are insane in a normal kind of way. This book looks at the normal world through the eyes of a child on raging hormones and scattered education who might himself be off his chum by just a tad. Read it and groan all over again over those teenage years of bliss we all weathered...

  • Antonio Arch
    2020-03-07 11:34

    I picked up the first of these diaries some twelve years ago, probably because it was an easy way to read someone else's diary. I have never been the same since. I have had a long relationship it seems today, with a collection of characters so insane, bizarre and unique that they seem real to me. The other characters that Sue Townsend has created have also hooked me. Whether she is writing as herself, the oh-so-intellectual Mr. Mole, a young Margaret Thatcher, or a fly on the wall at Bukingham Palace, she manages and wonderfully.I often hear it whispered that the author is tiring of these characters and intends to retire. I hope that she never will...I also hope that a hundred years from now, Sue Townsend will be remembered for what she is; one of the most outspoken, daring, hilarious writers ever to come out of Britain, if not one of the most gifted the whole world.

  • None
    2020-03-15 05:40

    This book works on so many levels it is difficult to imagine a person not liking it. Sue Townsend has created an unforgettable cast of characters, particularly the ever fretful fussy, and disapproving Adrian. It is consistently hilarious, and peppered with biting social commentary. Another plus, since not all of us have long stretches of leisurely reading time, is that you can put it down and pick it up at a moment's notice, because of the "diary" format. No long chapters here.

  • None
    2020-03-14 05:29

    This british author, formerly unknown to me, has gained my respect just by this book. She was able to bring us such a complex and cruel world through the eyes of a very naive teen. Even when your eyes are watering from all the laughter you can still feel saddened by his whole situation. This mixture is pure genious. As the New York time's said: "as sad and devastating as it is laugh out loud funny". I look forward to reading "The Lost Years".

  • None
    2020-03-25 09:35

    Adrian feels at times he is not wanted in the world. Some of his thoughts are histarical. I would advise everyone to read it. The unike two in one volume is very handy to the people who want to keep reading about Adrian! Some of it can be devastating but most laugh-out-loud funny! When little Rosie is brought into the book, things change for Adrian. He even decides to join Berry Kent's gang! Running away was also a not-so-good idea.