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Life is dangerous when you have everything to lose.Famous, beautiful and talented, Heike Gunn has the world at her feet Then, one day, she simply vanishes.Jack Parlabane has lost everything his journalism career, his marriage, his self respect A call for help from an old friend offers a chance for redemption but only if he can find out what happened to Heike.Pursued by those who would punish him for past crimes, Parlabane enters the world of Heike s band, Savage Earth Heart, a group at breaking point Each of its members seems to be hiding something, not least its newest recruit Monica Halcrow, whose possible relationship with Heike has become a public obsession.Monica s own story, however, reveals a far darker truth Fixated on Heike from day one, she has been engulfed by paranoia, jealousy and fear, as she discovers the hidden price of fame From Berlin to Barcelona, from the streets of Milan to remote Scottish islands, Parlabane must find out what happened before it s too late, all while the walls are closing in on him...

Title : Dead Girl Walking (Jack Parlabane, Band 6)
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ISBN : 9780349140247
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Publisher : Abacus 2 Juli 2015
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Dead Girl Walking (Jack Parlabane, Band 6) Reviews

  • Daniela Kraml
    2020-03-24 07:56

    I love Parlabane, but this is no proper Parlabane!The crime's just sordid and today almost "normal", instead of some obscure, paranoid obsession of Parlabane's, that in the end shows that his paranoia is too often the truth.It has some little "Parlabane moments" when in Berlin, otherwise no no no!And how could it go so wrong with Sara???? I don't want to believe it!

  • Anathem
    2020-03-29 08:58

    1 I love both Brookmyre and Parlabane.2 This book is definitely not funny3 I'm quite sentimental at times but I'd never expect that weeping a bit is possible while reading Brookmyre.4 You have to read "The last day of Christmas" first, it's a prequel to this one

  • tina
    2020-03-05 12:11

    As usual a wonderfully twisted plot. fast paced, couldn't put it down. Especially loved the showdown at the end. Must read!

  • Kenneth C. Mahieu
    2020-03-23 08:09

    I wanted to read Brookmyre's "Black Widow" (BW) but thought the price was too high, ie more than $14 for an e-book from a guy I never heard of before. I checked his other stuff and decided to read an earlier book in the Jack Parlabane series, "Dead Girl Walking" (DGW).What a good move that turned out to be! DGW is an excellent book. I was really blown away by one particular scene, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Jack is a free lance journalist of sorts, a guy who is not above bending, OK breaking, a few laws to get supporting evidence for his stories. He also is prepared to protect his sources' identities to the death, or at least despite short term jail sentences. And so he is frequently hassled by the local police, and unemployed.He is contacted by the sister of an old friend and hired to find a missing person under the condition that he does not write about anything dealing the investigation. A key member of an up and coming rock band is missing, and Jack begins his investigation by talking to other members of the band, current and former, as well as roadies, support personnel, etc. At this point in the story, we get the perspective of a newer member of the band, a young woman trained in classic violin, new to rock bands, new to performing every night and new to the road. Jack chapters and Monica chapters alternate, with a fair amount of back story meshed with Monica's reactions to the rapid evolution of dealing with a new life and new "friends".And then there's the scene where Monica and lead singer Heike meld on stage, right in the middle of one of the band's signature songs. And I got instant insight into what it's like to be up there in front of a roaring crowd, with the heat, with the lights, with the sound, the emotion, the high. I have rarely read a prolonged description of a moment coming away with a feeling of having been in I did after those pages. I wanted more. I was so sure that Brookmyre had to be a former rocker to be able to write those perfect pages that I searched the web looking for his pre-novelist life as a musician....Very good plot, good dialog, nice little twists here and there. I want more. I'll read more Brookmyre, even BW at its inflated price. The only criticism I have is I'm not real crazy about his hero, Jack. Kinda bland in my book (he still yearns for his former love). C'mon Jack, get it together, man. And why is he always jumping all over the place - literally jumping. What's that about?

  • Sonja
    2020-03-07 09:45

    If you hate the trendy half novels that are so popular today you will love this book. Brookmyre's novels are detail oriented and character driven. The mystery is well crafted. For those people who are not as familiar with Scotland I recommend reading on a kindle. It is easier to look up the slang .I use the language translation app as well. The ending hints of more adventure to be had by our favorite reporter. I look forward to reading all about it.

  • Robert M. Baird
    2020-03-26 10:09

    i read a prior novel in this series.I would give this one four and a half stars if possible. The characters are well drawn and there are flashes of wry wit. Bookmyre almost explains advanced hack of an iPad,which clarifies Parlabane'spriorexploits. The life of a touring musician feels accurate. I'll read others in the series

  • Grosme
    2020-03-30 05:46

    Too formulaic, even though I haven't read the other Jack Parlbane Thrillers. It had some cutesy inside stuff about the music scene that I liked but the plot seemed forced

  • Ellen F
    2020-04-04 10:58

    I found this a very good read. It kept pulling me in to the story and for me it was not predictable at all, which is always fun. Lots of interesting European settings, good characters that developed and changed through the story, and full of tidbits from the world of music performance, which I love, and touring, which is fun for a while, even a longer while if you're good at it!