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The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide from Grapeshisha is the ultimate guide to the growing and dynamic city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates This guide has been specifically written to provide you with the insider knowledge on Abu Dhabi, allowing you to visit the places that make this place special There is detailed advice and opinion on hotels, restaurants, bars, places of interest as well as a reference glossary and planning information There is a cultural section, so that you not only avoid the faux pas, but are also able to appreciate and understand the society.Formatted specifically for Kindle and other digital devices, this easy to use guide includes completely new content with sights and itineraries not covered elsewhere It picks out the unmissable highlights from the Emiratas Palace and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque to Ferrari World and the Yas Marina Circuit There is coverage of camel racing, ballooning across the desert, the souks and the best beaches For the adventurous, there are guides through the backstreets as well as itineraries to cover anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week And for those with time, there are the optional excursions off the beaten track as well as to the other Emirates including Dubai and Sharjah and even to Oman For the business executive, there is an overview of the future plans of Abu Dhabi as well as the Grapeshisha view on Abu Dhabis best golf courses.Whether your stay is fleeting, or longer term, The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide from Grapeshisha will help you get the most out of your trip In length, this ebook is roughly equivalent to 200 printed pages and accurate for 2011 It should be than suitable for the holiday maker aiming to spend up to 10 days in the city as well as the business executive or potential expat visiting for the first time.The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide from Grapeshisha is the quintessential guide for travellers to Abu Dhabi.This Abu Dhabi travel Guide includes Planning your trip everything from visas and best time to travel to tipping, dos and donts, what to wear and national holidays modern history calendar of events in Abu Dhabi famous people access to a tailored map reviews of the best hotels, hotel apartments, mid price hotels and budget hotels sightseeing and things to do including sheikh Zayed Mosque, the malls, the Corniche, best beaches, Emirates Palace, Souk Al Qaryat Al Beri, the Abu Dhabi Souks, Manarat Al Sadiyat, Emirates Heritage Village, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi Central Market and Souk, Emirates National Auto Museum, Yas Marina Circuit, bus tours, boat cruises, camel racing, camel riding, shisha smoking, best shawarmas, halawa, henna and the desert safari the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi the best bars and clubs itineraries souvenirs excursions in and outside of Abu Dhabi and the UAE basic Arabic phrases a comprehensive glossary of cultural terms and a glossary of Arabian food.The guide is built specifically for kindle, doesn t contain glossy pictures, and is therefore a very low file size, providing you all the information you need while being easily accessible on your travels to Abu Dhabi....

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The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide (Grapeshisha Travel Guides Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • AcidBurns
    2020-03-16 17:22

    Das Buch ist sehr hilfreich, vor allem auch schon BEVOR man losfliegt, aber auf Englisch!Es beschreibt Klima, rechtliche Gegebenheiten und sonstige besondere Sachen an die man denken sollte.In Abu Dhabi selbst nimmt es einen gezielt an die Hand und weißt Besonderheiten auf. Es ist sinnvoll in "vor dem Trip", "Das Land", "Hotels", "Sightseeing" und mit Vorschlägen für eine Reiseroute bestückt. Bei letzterem wählt der Autor zwischen 3 Varianten: 24h Abu Dhabi, 3 Tage Abu Dhabi und 5 Tage Abu Dhabi.Restaurants, Night Life, Souveniere und ein kurzer Übersetzungshelfer für Notfälle sind auch dabei.Für alle, die mit Englisch kein Problem haben, kann ich dieses Buch vorbehaltlos emfpehlen. Die Kindle Edition ist auch mit Links unterlegt, die ein schnelles Springen im Buch möglich machen.Grüße,Acid

  • Harry
    2020-03-16 22:18

    ..die Autoren sind wohl wirklich gut mit den Emiraten vertraut und haben auch wirklich alles Wichtige in Abu Dhabi aufgelistet. Es fehlen aber echte Highlights....

  • Oleg Medvedkov
    2020-03-26 17:12

    In the last few years Abu Dhabi started to gain popularity as a tourist destination. I remember the first time I heard of that place. It was few years ago when I read a magazine article about Roger Federer, famous tennis player, and I was surprised to learn that he spends few months at Abu Dhabi every year. At that time I did get a sense that mostly rich and famous visit Abu Dhabi and, therefore, lost interest. Recently, a couple of blogs about travel and tourism that I follow, published first hand accounts of normal tourists visiting Abu Dhabi and having pretty good time. I decided to do a bit more research and 'The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide' by Rahim and Zohara Hirji was on top of Amazon search results.This is an extremely detailed book that has great coverage of any topic a potential tourist needs to know about Abu Dhabi.Topics covered:1. Brief History of Abu Dhabi in particular and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in general.2. Hotels. While Abu Dhabi is still a destination for high-flyers, and five star hotels are seemingly on every corner, it is still possible to find budget yet comfortable accommodations.3. Sightseeing and things to do. I was staggered to learn how much one can do there. Parks, museums, beaches, camel races, hot air balloons, etc. I was even surprised to learn that Abu Dhabi has a track for Formula One races.4. Do's and Don'ts, Social Etiquette. Important chapter for any tourist visiting Abu Dhabi. Respect for local sensibilities, according to the authors, is a must.5. List of basic Arabic phrases and much, much more.Overall this is a good, very detailed tourist guide on all things Abu Dhabi. I was impressed with authors' commitment to quality, demonstrated by the fact that even included their contact information in case any reader has follow-up questions or comments.Recommended.

  • S. Coyne
    2020-04-03 00:05

    I will be traveling to Abu Dhabi for business at the end of this fall so I have been reading numerous guides in order to prepare. This one is the best! It is packed with information that ranges from the best ways to get around, the customs on tipping, social norms and how you should behave even as a tourist and much, much, more. Not knowing what to expect this book has put my mind at ease as it is clear the author is very knowledgeable on the topic, and provides small details that go overlooked in other books. For example the guide tells that crossing your legs is a sign or rudeness, I would never have known! What great tips! I also found the section on working days and hours very interesting, as well as the part about long handshakes, moving seats as according to status and the fact that business moves very slowly. Not only was this book very helpful, it was very easy and entertaining to read, I highly recommend it!

  • Mark Stutzman
    2020-03-07 17:59

    Having lived in the UAE for some time, I was skeptical about the value of this book. But as I haven't spent too much time in Abu Dhabi and hope to visit more in the future, I figured it was worth the shot at the low price. I more than got my money's worth.The book is conveniently structured in typical travel guide style, but with a readability not always found in books of this genre. It nicely highlights the hotels, restaurants, sightseeing spots and experiences not to be missed when visiting Abu Dhabi. I most appreciated the "uture Abu Dhabi" section, highlighting the typically grandiose plans for the city, as well as the surprisingly comprehensive list of "excursions away from Abu Dhabi city". I also appreciated the many links to websites throughout the book.As with any guidebook about a region one is familiar with, I was quick to note a few inaccuracies (i.e. it never officially goes about 50 degrees, not 40, as the book suggests) and omissions (i.e. the recommended visit to Buraimi does not note the recent changes at the border, which could result in a traveler being stranded in Oman!). And in a quickly changing city like Abu Dhabi, there will always be new developments not mentioned in the book (although the "future Abu Dhabi" section tries to cover some of those). But one will find these issues in any travel guide, and the advantage of the e-book format is that the author will hopefully add updates and corrections to the book to keep it more relevant than any hard copy guidebook.Overall, I would definitely recommend this book for any visitor to Abu Dhabi, as well as any expat looking to discover new delights in the UAE.

  • Ms. Eden
    2020-03-06 23:11

    An excellent guide to Abu Dhabi, written by authors with extensive local knowledge. The must-see tourist areas are well covered, but there is a lot of local info that will come in very handy. If you're headed to the UAE for your first trip or your fortieth, you'll find this comprehensive guide packed with useful information- from where to go and what to see, to what not to do- this is the best Abu Dhabi guide available.

  • AK-
    2020-03-15 19:09

    Bought this book a few days before flying in to the UAE and read most of it in the plane - it's lucky I stumbled on it! I have to say that this is a comprehensive book and it helped a lot on recommendations for hotels, restaurants and downtime. And I was the go to guy for the best places. Not one of the places that were recommended were bad! And all of the places existed, which I sometime have a problem with.Drawbacks:1) The only drawback is that the map you have to download and check out beforehand, but that's not an issue as places are accurately described based on location and if you are there on holiday or for a week, you'll just be taking taxis and things are so close. And if you are an expat, you'll pretty much figure out the grid of the city.2) There are no pictures, but that makes it a small file size on my iPhone.3) I was the goto guy for where to go and booking because my colleagues all came to me!The book was otherwise very helpful. BTW, If you haven't been to Abu Dhabi, the place is happening right now!No brainer at the price. It was like I had a best friend telling me where to go!