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Title : C/C++ Programmer's Reference (Programmers pocket references) by Herbert Schildt (1997-07-10)
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C/C++ Programmer's Reference (Programmers pocket references) by Herbert Schildt (1997-07-10) Reviews

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    2020-05-24 01:36

    A quick reference indeed... a little too quick for my taste. The book is also very bulky on the inside (it seems as if the font was incresased in order to take up space). If you are the type of programmer that can spend the entire day with the computer turned on, this book would be a horrible waste of money. You could get better, and more in-depth info with the online references that most of todays compilers include. But if you're like me, and you often read and check code when your computer is off, or you're on the road and forgot the declaration to some function and don't want to turn on the laptop. This is a very nice book. Small (fits into a suitcase nicely) and "to the point" (very "to the point") info on C and C++'s syntax, basic functions, STLs, container classes, etc. I'm an amateur programmer that didn't want to spend alot of money on a huge book, and this turned out to be an OK buy. If you're looking for more in depth info on both C and C++. I have heard that Harbison and Steel's "C: A Reference Manual" is a great buy for the C programmer, and "C++ The Complete Reference" from Herb Schildt is also nice. All in all... this book gets 3-1/2 stars... for its utility on the road/offline, or when you don't have an online reference manual. Cheap too.!

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    2020-05-06 23:12

    A very useful addition to my desktop. Not as thorough as, for instance, the ARM (Stroustroup) but a lot smaller, and excellent for quickly looking up a keyword or function. The only drawback, is that the way it has been manufactured means that it cannot sit flat on the desk, which is a definite drawback in a reference book. A better binding would have got this book five stars.

  • Bruce Banton
    2020-05-17 01:11

    I don't know what to say other than if this book were a computer program, it wouldn't run at all and would take years to debug.Programming is a delicate art which involves precise details and thoroughness. Nothing infuriates me more than someone purpporting to teach others about this discipline with the care of a drunken bull in a china shop. This is Herbert Schildt's contribution. Congratulations.The reason why I'm writing this review is because it's easier for me to get online, complain to the publisher, complain to the booksellers, post a few usenet messages, and scan a few hundred web pages than it is to find the info I need from this book. It's not that the book contains erroneous information as much as there are gaping holes - very common keywords and functions are omitted; in the index for the pocket reference book, keywords are not even listed in the index! How utterly useless!Please, someone put us programmers out of our misery by upping the standards of publishing technical books so Mr. Schildt doesn't lead more programmers on a wild goose chase trying to find simple information!

  • Caliv Nir
    2020-05-02 23:23

    Hi. A reference of c AND c++ in only 416 pages , sorry I dont think so.take a look at Nicolai Josuttis book for example , without dealing even in the language syntax his great book about C++ library (standard) is 800 pages !so puting c and c++ in only half the space is simply not enough. the text is very shalow - herb we acpect more from you!A survey of the table of contents is far more disturbing because well over half the book is dedicated to brief documentation of the Standard C Library (and you would be far better off with Plauger's 'The Standard C Library for that). Much of the rest is a cursory and incomplete coverage of the Standard C++ Library.simply say it - NOEnjoy

  • None
    2020-05-09 02:24

    This reference is sitting on my desk and is the best one I have ever seen. A great layout covering all standard C and C++ functions with ANSI and the Old C++ I/O. It even covers STL! Now all I need is a good reference for each one of the DirectX components and I'd be set!

  • None
    2020-04-30 02:19

    I program in serveral languages, and remembering syntax and function calls for all of them is a real pain. This book makes switching back to c/c++ a snap. Not an in depth 'tutorial' type manual, this book makes an excellent desktop reference.

  • None
    2020-05-24 21:16

    This is a great quick reference book for C/C++. Also, good for reviewing C/C++ programming concepts when necessary. All information is presented in a clear and concise manner. Highly recommended!

  • Kyle Tuskey
    2020-05-18 05:27

    This book is immensely helpful for anyone with prior programming experience that wants to quickly learn c/c++. The layout of the book is great, and the way they differentiate c from c++ is very simply stated. They also quickly explain the basic concepts in c/c++ very well. They give it to you straight, and don't treat you as clueless like most books do. I strongly recommend it.. but only if you already know programming.